Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catch and Release

I step up to write and I think Ground it in action. I still don’t know what this blog is and that stops me, so many times, from writing anything. And then when I do write it’s the thoughts, all the thoughts, the belly button staring and the hand wringing and I wonder Who wants to read all that?

And I’m not sure of the answer. Not even sure whether the question is relevant. Shouldn’t it be What do I want to say? Shouldn’t that be the question?

I’ve been thinking a lot about art, which I always do, and looking at people I admire, mostly online. They don’t ask, they do. They don’t ponder they move. But then again, there is a place in the world for ponderers. Contemplate. Ruminate. Meditate. Masticate.

What is making art? What is writing, sewing, painting, potting? Is it an expression or a gift? Is it for yourself or for someone else. I know, I know the answer…it’s both. But how can you entertain two intentions at the same time? How can you think I write this for myself and I give it to the world -- without being attached to how the world will treat it? With whether or not it has, you know, real meaning.

All I know is that I feel better when I do….when I complete and release. And the other thing I know is that I always fight the release. Which leads me to think Release. Which leads me to post these thoughts. Whatever they mean.

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julia moore said...

Well, I just kept reading your posts, and I like your thoughts very much. I too recently began blogging and have to say it is the most amazing experience. What the heck am I doing? Writing a blog to myself, or to the entire planet? So I sit down and write and post my pictures and I don't care who reads it. (Sometimes, because this is still so new to me, I go back and read my own blog, just because its there and I can!)The possibilities for creative inspiration derived from this medium are unknown. We are creating them as we speak and blog.
One thing I've noticed is that I am spending more consistent time in my studio, developing my art, because I have exposed myself to the world through my blog. I have said, "I am an artist and this is what I do." So then I have to really do it! What a motivator.