Thursday, February 19, 2009

making dollies

Ever since I sold Barbies on Ebay, I've been fascinated with doll collectors. I even read a whole book about them with chapters like "Dollification" and "Innocence and Fear". I'll admit I was biased against them, or at least the obsessive collectors, who, after I listed an Ebay auction for Barbie's "Solo In The Spotlight" outfit complete with microphone, would send me detailed questions * about the state of the label (was it fully stitched on?) the shine of the dress (original sparkle?) and the condition of the microphone (mint, unused and from a smoke free home?) I'll brag here and say that I ended that Ebay write-up saying "You'll have your vintage Barbie singing Happy Birthday Mr. President in no time" which I thought (and still think) is hilarious.

What I'm trying to say is that I've always thought of dolls as a bit strange. My mother bought me a new Madame Alexander Doll every Christmas and Birthday and I was made to display them in my room. I never had a feeling for any of them. Never wanted to play with any of them. Maybe that's where my bias originated. But I don't think I'm alone in finding the whole doll thing at best curious and at worst downright creepy.

Well, now I have a little girl. And bless her heart she's turning me on to the coolness of dolls. Especially simple cloth dolls. And of course, with me, if I can make it then I can love it. So I've been having a blast making dolls for Addie and her friends. Here's the latest. Made for our neighbor for her fifth birthday. I downloaded the pattern from
here and I've been having a lot of fun with it.

Next stop. Original design mouse doll. Stay tuned!

*Ebay Doll Collector questions are loosely based on my recollections. These quotes are not verbatim and are solely intended to indicate the level of obsession typical of hardcore Barbie collectors.


joslyn said...

that doll is so cute! well done. and how nice to get a new perspective/experience from yr daughter on something that used to leave you cold.

Erin, Kaitlyn and Henry said...

Cute doll! I just received your wonderful package today with my fat quarters! Thank you so much, how exciting it is to get something fun in the mail. My favorite is the fabric that you used in the picture of this doll. I am having a baby in May and this fabric will be a keeper for a possible dolly for her. Thanks for the extra fabric and the goodies as well. I have a good little collection of old postcards so they will fit in very well. Thanks again. You went over and above.



jane said...

Kate! This doll is way cool, Lark loves her dolls, too. She calls them Little baby, big baby, and polka dot baby. she strolls them around in a doll stroller, nurses the babies and carries them in her shirt (head sticking out ala ergo carrier) Luckily she loves trains & fire trucks as mch as her dolls.
xox Jane