Thursday, September 18, 2008

I heart alleys

summer 2008 327

We have these amazing alleys in our neighborhood. Well, amazing may be a bit strong but shoot, I get paid to use adjectives Anyways, these alleys are a weird blend of beauty and creepiness...lush, delicious blackberries and, two steps away, a broken bottle and an empty paper bag. Before Addie came I walked them every morning with the dog - rain or sun. It was a way to defragment before the day started, and Rhodie loved it. Then, when Addie was a baby I'd strap her in her snugglie and we'd walk them together. In the early days she'd just blink and stare, but time passed and she began to learn the words of the alley "dandilion, rose, stick, rock".

There is a vulnerability. Occasionally the out of place person walks by, a weird looking guy with a stick or an aimless homeless type looking for returnable bottles. But I love our alley. It’s like the park equivalent of a hole-in-the-wall. The trees have had their share of hard knocks; the weeds just want a little something to drink. And hey, isn’t beauty just a little more beautiful when you have to search for it?

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